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10 products that appeared in 2018

Every year the store shelves surprise us with unexpected novelties, only the most desperate gourmet dares to try and try. And 2018, too, was no exception!
And if you think that borsch-flavored chips and cucumber Pepsi already nothing will “surpass”, then you are mistaken – we managed to find 10 strange foodstuffs that are not clear why they were created, but today you can easily buy them!

1. Rose bread
It seems that the times when the fragrant crust of freshly baked bread was associated with a certain color and shape have long sunk into oblivion. Today, on the shelves of shops you can find loaves of the most purchased product in the world in the form of anything, with various additives and even pictures. And the hit of 2018 is pink bread. It turns out that he didn’t get his most appealing shade due to the addition of beets to the dough. Well, lovers of a healthy lifestyle, rejoice – such bread has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, increases stamina and lowers blood pressure. But we hope that it is also delicious …

2. Seasoning of flowers
Flower petals have long been actively used in cooking, but this year they can already be bought in dried form in the condiment and spices department. Actually, the usual cinnamon, curry, basil and other spices it is time to move a little – it’s time to saturate the taste of your favorite dishes with flowers of peach, lavender, orange, hibiscus, rose and even violets!

3. Coconut milk with tea, coffee and chocolate flavor
As long as you cannot decide for yourself whether it is tasty or not, we will give one argument with the + sign in favor of this product. It turns out that coconut milk is simply impossible to add to tea or coffee – it immediately collapses, and terrible hard lumps begin to float in the drink. And for those who are forced to eat milk of vegetable origin only, this is a great option to indulge yourself with your favorite tastes!

4. Carbonated drink with essential oils
We are so accustomed to consider soda poison to the body that it is almost impossible to make us believe in its favor. And in vain – the producers threw all their strength on the development of such an effervescent drink, and have already abandoned sugar, sodium and artificial flavors. By the way, natural essential oils are successfully used as the last, and today such soda has appeared on the shelves!

5. Mushroom coffee
The authors of the gastronomic trend of giant maitake and chaga birch mushroom are the Finnish company Four Sigmatic. According to the creators, this drink has all the properties of classic coffee, but does not irritate the stomach and does not cause such side effects as insomnia and high blood pressure. But the most important thing – those who have already tasted the mushroom coffee, assure that its taste is even more “rich” and “rich”!

6. Meat for Vegetarians
The founders of Impossible Meat set themselves a goal to wean all of humanity from meat, and presented an alternative option entirely from herbal ingredients. Actually, the vegetarian mince, from which you prepare the most delicious burger cutlet, will now consist of vegetable protein, amino acids, fats, vitamins, minerals, microelements and spices. And what looks appetizing!

7. Pea milk
Another great substitute for cow’s milk for those who eat only products of plant origin. By the way, in the milk of pea protein is no less, but the calcium is 50% more, and that’s not counting vitamin D and iron! Well, so that you completely lose your head from the taste sensations, drink pea milk with the taste of vanilla and chocolate!

8. Ghee Ghee
It’s time to write down this ghee, so popular in South Asia, on the shopping list for the next trip to the store! You will not believe, ghee not only has a tonic property and improves the work of the intestine, but also does not become toxic when heated!

9. Drinking soup
It seems that today manufacturers are ready for anything, so that at lunchtime we would stop having snacks with sandwiches and other home-made delicacies in favor of their new products. And this one in the bottles they packed various soups. But really, it is useful and convenient!

10. Mayonnaise ice cream
They say that while the bachelor has bread and mayonnaise in the house, he will not even think of getting married. Well, now it will be even more difficult for him to take an important step, because Hellmann’s has already released mayonnaise ice cream. According to the description, its taste resembles a fat cream with an egg-milk aftertaste. But that’s not all – Hellmann’s website already has a recipe for making chocolate cake with mayonnaise, so the list of the strangest products of 2018 will probably be replenished!

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