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7 harmful tips for making delicious kebabs

Want to learn how to cook a delicious and juicy kebab, then you need to pay attention to many details. First drop all the bad advice you’ve ever heard about what exactly is being discussed, further.
Barbecue is the most popular dish at a picnic, but few people really know how to cook it properly. At the same time, the “grief of the cook” often gives advice to other people, thus condemning them to a disastrous barbecue. Now we will tell you about the most harmful tips that can be heard in relation to the preparation of kebabs.

1. Use ignition fluid.
In preparation for a picnic, many people buy a bundle of yards or a bag of coals, as well as a special liquid for quick ignition of the fire. Yes, it is, of course, convenient, but such funds can cause an unpleasant aroma in meat.

2. Identical Piece Size
A common advice is that in order for the meat to be well cooked, it is necessary to cut it into pieces of 3.5 to 4 cm. You can, of course, do this, but only in the end, the kebab will be very dry. The minimum size is 5 cm. Another bad tip is that all the pieces should be the same size so that they all cook evenly. In fact, you should not use the ruler when butchering meat, because the whole thing is to put the pieces on the skewer, because you can do it not only across, but along.

3. Marinade with mayonnaise
There is a huge amount of marinades and many have their favorite recipe. At the same time, one of the most common options is soaking meat in mayonnaise with spices. Remember – this sauce is not suitable for kebabs, because at high temperatures it begins to emit substances hazardous to health. It is not recommended to use kefir as a marinade, which negatively affects the meat flavor and leaves a film on the meat that quickly burns.

4. Do not string tightly
People who give such advice argue that if the pieces are in close contact, they may not fry at the junction. The logic of this assumption is interesting, since meat cannot be cooked only in selected places. If stringing skewers “free”, but this increases the chance to overdry it.

5. Roast meat with vegetables
To make the meat juicy, according to some chefs, it should be stringed alternately with vegetables, such as onions, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and so on. Another mistake, because the cooking time of vegetables is shorter compared to meat. Would you like to cook a vegetable side dish on charcoal, fry them on separate skewers or a lattice, then the vegetables will be properly cooked and will not burn.

6. Quenching the flame with water
When fat enters the coal or the heat is too high, it is possible the appearance of flames. What many do – take a bottle of water, beer or other liquid and pour it on top. In this case, all this gets on the meat, which reduces its temperature, so the roasting will be uneven. If there is a fire, then it is better to move the skewer and move the coals with a stick, sprinkle them with water or sprinkle with salt, which will quickly cope with the flame.

7. Turn over often
A common mistake is the frequent turning of the skewers during the whole frying process. Experienced cooks recommend turning meat every 30 seconds for the first minutes, which is important for creating a beautiful crust and preserving the internal juices. After that, the kebab should be turned over no more than two times, otherwise it will turn out to be dry. To determine readiness, cut the largest piece, and if a strong juice is made, it is a sign that the meat is ready. If it is not, then the meat is already dried out.

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