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5 products, after which the person will smell like fume

Having smelled the smell of alcohol from the gentleman, do not rush to add a potential boyfriend to the “black list” due to hidden alcoholism. Perhaps the guy is not guilty and just ate one of the products, after which the breath of fumes from the mouth realistically breathes.
Today has not set itself, we are in a panic and feel like a hero of an evil rally or a victim of a global conspiracy. At the beginning, the traffic police inspector, allegedly sensing a characteristic alcoholic taint, almost took the rights, forcing him to “breathe into a tube.” Having lost precious time and being late for work, we found ourselves “on the carpet” with the chief, who, threatening with dismissal, demanded not to drink in the mornings on weekdays, depriving the premium this month.

Do not panic! What happened is explicable. Experts have voiced the list of products, after the use of which, from a person can come pairs, similar to alcohol. A variety of microorganisms lives in our oral cavity, including anaerobic bacteria, which give a specific aroma of fumes and are activated by eating this food:

1. Kvass
Yes, such a drink as kvass can really attract to us the sidelong glances of those around us. Since kvass is a product of fermentation, it contains ethyl alcohol, even if in a small amount (not more than 2.5%). We keep calm. In this case, the breathalyzer, if we, of course, did not drink a refreshing kvasok in liters, will show zero.

2. Dairy products
Dairy products
Such useful products as kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese, ryazhenka, yogurt, yogurt, under certain circumstances, can also ruin our reputation, since they contain minimal doses of alcohol.

3. Grapes
The stench of fumes gives and fresh, completely non-fermented grapes, from its berries, as is known, wine is made. Experts warn thatare especially insidious in this regard.

4. Garlic
Having tasted garlic amber from a person, many are ready to blame him for being drunk, knowing about the trick of some irresponsible drivers who are trying to hide the real hangover with the help of a fragrant dragon tooth. Meanwhile, this vegetable can, without any alcohol, give a faint odor of fume.

5. Pickles and marinades
Pickles and pickles
The list of insidious food included sauerkraut, pickles, pickled mushrooms and tomatoes, which our people often use as snacks for strong alcoholic beverages. In addition, the smell of dressings in itself resembles fume, so it is not surprising if a person who tasted them dry was suspected of hangover.

If it is difficult to get rid of the fume caused by alcohol, then it is much simpler to get rid of the scent of alcohol that the food provoked. It is enough to brush your teeth thoroughly, use mouth rinse or chewing gum.

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