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Be on the lookout: 10 foods that cause poisoning most often

You can get poisoned with different foods, but there are especially dangerous products that are more likely to cause problems with the digestive system. It is important to know these “enemies” in person.
It is difficult to meet a person who would never face such a problem as food poisoning. Most often, such cases are recorded in summer, since high temperatures promote the spread of bacteria and microbes. Scientists have conducted a statistical analysis over the past 20 years and determined the rating of products that most often cause food poisoning.

1. Sushi
Sushi today you can try almost every step, but at the same time this Japanese dish often becomes the cause of poisoning. This is due to the fact that for its preparation raw fish is used. If after catching fish for some time was without freezing, then the parasites are likely to be in its muscle tissue. Do not risk trying sushi in questionable places and for a small price.

2 eggs
Doctors every year fix a large number of cases of infection with salmonellosis, which may be in raw chicken eggs. It is important to buy only fresh eggs, checking the date, which is put on the shell. In addition, be sure to wash the eggs and it is better to do it with soap. Heat treatment should take place at a temperature not lower than 70 °.

3. Smoked products
People who want to be healthy and have a beautiful figure should refuse sausages, sausages and other similar products. In such a meal a lot of hidden fats, soy, starch, lard and harmful additives. In addition, some manufacturers use transgenic soybeans for sausage production. But the worst thing is that unscrupulous businessmen may not smoke products at all, soaking them in a special solution, and the buyer will receive dangerous raw food.

4. Caviar
Caviar is a useful product, but only if it is of high quality, otherwise eating disorder cannot be avoided. Do not buy a cheap product. And when choosing, pay attention to the composition, so that the amount of preservatives does not exceed 0.1% for each substance. Important advice: if you open the jar, you feel a sweetish aroma, then you should not tempt fate and have such caviar. It should not be bitter and swim in a large amount of liquid.

5. Oysters
This seafood, which is especially loved by rich people, is dangerous because it is not cooked, so it is important that the oysters are exceptionally fresh. The fact is that they multiply very quickly bacteria that provoke food poisoning. In addition, doctors claim that people with chronic liver diseases and weak immunity should opt out altogether. There is a way to check the freshness of the clam – sprinkle it with lemon juice before drinking. The living mollusk will shrink when in contact with the acid, and if there is no such reaction, then the oysters are stale and should not be consumed.

6. Canned food
According to statistics, it is canned food that causes severe food poisoning – botulism. The reason is the presence in the jar of anaerobic sticks, which are able to live and reproduce only in a sealed environment, where there is no air access. If, after eating canned food, the first signs of poisoning are felt, an ambulance should be urgently called.

7. Avocado
Avocado is a very popular product that contains many beneficial substances. However, few people know that an unripe fruit is toxic. Avocado peel is not recommended, as it often causes poisoning.

8. Melon and watermelon
Summer is a time when you can enjoy the taste of juicy melon and watermelon. They appear on the shelves since mid-summer. It is important to know that the time when the fruits ripen without additional human intervention is the end of August. Many farmers do not disdain the use of different chemicals, which shortens the ripening period and increases the size of the fruit. All this leads to serious food poisoning, which often occur with complications. Learn to choose the right gourds.

9. Steak with blood
Do you like to eat meat with blood? Then know that you are at risk of serious poisoning. Doctors do not recommend ordering steaks with roast less than “medium well”. This is due to the fact that all bacteria can be killed only if the processing temperature is higher than 160 ° C.

10. Olives
Many people do not know that green olives are fruits treated with iron gluconate. This implies one of the dangers of this product, so, by eating large quantities of olives, you can provoke an excess of iron in the body. In addition, olives are stored for a short time, and by eating a stitched product with a bone, you can get hydrocyanic poisoning. It is better to buy olives in transparent jars to make sure that the fruits have a black saturated color, and the fill is transparent.

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