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6 dishes you should not eat for breakfast

Nutritionists have once again decided to revise our eating habits. After a revision of the most familiar breakfast items, they came to disappointing conclusions! It turns out that the first meal of many of us leaves much to be desired!
“Eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend, and give dinner to the enemy”! This is how our grandfathers and great-grandfathers ate and felt great! Don’t you think your morning without coffee, or do you like to eat a lot of sweets on an empty stomach? In the morning your stomach is especially vulnerable, so you should treat it especially carefully!

1. Fruits: Citrus and Bananas
Some people have allergies to citrus. If you eat them early in the morning, they can cause gastritis. Bananas contain a lot of magnesium. An excess of this substance can cause a violation of the calcium-magnesium balance. Therefore, it is best to eat oatmeal on an empty stomach, and then oranges with bananas for a second breakfast.

2. Sandwiches
We do not recommend to get involved in the morning sandwiches with sausage and ham. These products contain substances that provoke the formation of cancer cells. Moreover, a weakened stomach on an empty stomach is not able to digest so many harmful substances.

3. Coffee drinks
Who would have thought that coffee is not the best drink on an empty stomach. Most of humanity loves coffee so much that sometimes it replaces their entire breakfast. But remember that from the excessive use of coffee drinks you may develop gastritis.

4. Sweet
A large amount of sweet is harmful at any time of the day, but most in the morning. On an empty stomach, the pancreas can not give insulin to the proper extent, so the blood sugar rises, which can trigger diabetes, and the pancreas will fail. So do not get carried away with sweet in the morning!

5. Yogurts
It would seem that it can be more useful than to eat some delicious yogurt in the morning! People are used to hearing how fermented milk products are useful, but note that yogurts usually advertise as snacks during the day, but not as an empty stomach dish. The fact is that an empty stomach absolutely does not need yogurt bacteria, and there will be no benefit from them. You can eat yogurt a few hours after breakfast, or even better in the evening.

6. Breakfast in haste
The so-called quick breakfasts – flakes or corn balls – contain large amounts of carbohydrates and are very unhealthy in the morning. They can increase blood sugar levels and do not give a feeling of satiety. By lunchtime, hunger will be so strong that you will eat more than necessary. This can lead to quick weight gain.

Watch what you eat and be healthy!

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