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10 desserts that have become symbols of home cities

What could be the pride of the city? Famous people who were born in it, beautiful architecture, various attractions. There are cities that are famous not only for this. They came up with delicious desserts, which is required to try every sweet tooth.
Do you think that without problems, prepare the most delicious and delicious delicacy, because finding a recipe on the Internet is not a problem? As a last resort, you can always take from the beloved grandmother a “Book about tasty and healthy food.” Nevertheless, gourmets say that any dish has a true taste only at home, in particular, the famous confectionery. Interested and going? Let’s make a route map.

1. Leningrad buns
What is Leningrad buns, do not need to explain not only the residents of St. Petersburg, and other cities. They have become a gastronomic brand. Every self-respecting tourist, having been in the city on the Neva, is sure to taste this delicacy according to GOST. Delicate donut, powdered with powdered sugar, cooked here, without changing the recipe from the 60s of the last century.

2. Kiev cake
The sweet business card of the Ukrainian capital, the Kiev cake, also appeared during Soviet times and was the result of the ingenious mistake of the workers at the confectionery factory named after Karl Marx. In the evening, they forgot to put whipped squirrels cooked for sponge cake in the fridge. By morning, the sweet mass hardened. Fearing dismissal, confectioners decided to correct the mistake by hastily devising a recipe for protein cake tart. By the way, in the original version of the cake, the cream should be egg, not butter, and certainly not from margarine, hazelnuts, not peanuts, should be used as nuts.

3. Sicilian cannoli
And let Sicily is not a city, but an island of the Mediterranean, belonging to Italy, its traditional dessert deservedly falls into our top. For the first time, waffles made of crisp dough were baked by nuns. Then the dish was refined. The tubes began to glaze with chocolate and fill with Ricotta or Mascarpone (curd cheese) with the addition of syrup and strong Marsala dessert wine and sell during fairs and carnivals. The people liked the delicacy so much that it turned from a festive holiday into a daily dessert. Decorated waffles are decorated with pistachios, candied fruits, grated chocolate.

4. Linz cake
In addition to apple strudel and chocolate cake Zaher, Austria has invented another amazing dessert with more than 350 years of history – Linz Cake, whose birthplace is the ancient city of Linz. The crumb of crumbly nut dough is covered with red currant jam, plums, raspberries or apricots and fresh berry puree. Simple to prepare, but no less tasty, the cake is decorated with a crispy dough grid.

5. Prague trdelnik
The main national Czech dessert, named in honor of the country’s capital, is considered Prague’s trdelnik. Sweet butter tubes are a must-have dish on a festive table and not only. Twisted cylindrical buns, cooked over an open fire and sprinkled with chopped nuts and cinnamon. If desired, they can be filled with cream or ice cream.

6. Brussels waffles
The original recipes for waffles, the progenitor of this dessert in the form of honeycombs is Belgium. Air and tender Brussels waffles bake rectangular. An appetizing golden crust is surely sprinkled with powdered sugar, and from above it is put what your heart desires – cream, berries, fruits, watering the structure with chocolate or caramel syrup.

7. Krakow Obvazanek
A small ring made of wheat dough, generously sprinkled with salt, sesame or poppy seeds, in Krakow can be found at every corner. It is considered a symbol of the city. The Poles value their culinary heritage and have achieved the inclusion of Obavazanek in the European list of protected regional products (list of products protected by place of origin).

8. Chicago Donut
Cult American delicacy is considered a donut. Having decided that a sweet pie with a hole in the middle, deep-fried, is worthy of its holiday, the people of Chicago, in the distant 1938, established Donut Day, which soon acquired a national scale. According to donut lovers, the most delicious donuts covered with multi-colored icing are Chicago ones.

9. Hong Kong Egg Tart
Gastronomic symbol of dynamic and high-tech Hong Kong, which is the state in the state, is considered sandy tart with the most delicate egg custard.

10. Nagasaki sponge cake
The history of the Nagasaki biscuit or castella popular in Japan and beyond, the Japanese themselves call it, began in the 16th century, when merchants landed on Nagasaki island, having treated the residents to overseas delicacy of flour, sugar and eggs. Local chefs perfected overseas dessert, achieving unearthly taste with perfect softness, which does not need cream.

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