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8 dishes worth trying at least once in a lifetime

It is no secret that in recent years gastronomic tourism is gaining increasing popularity. People don’t like to just visit different countries, seeing the sights, they want to get acquainted with new taste sensations. So what should you try first?
We think that in order to understand the variety of different dishes, you need to know a little about them. We have collected 15 of the most interesting dishes that will give gourmets not only new taste sensations, but also, perhaps, become their favorites.

1. Sea stalk
Yes, yes, you heard right, it was a sea stalk, not a cucumber or scallop. This name was given to one of the species of mollusks, because it is very similar to the stalk. People who have tried this dish say that it is much tastier than mussels or oysters. Unfortunately, not everyone can taste the sea stalk, because finding it in foreign restaurants can be quite difficult. The fact is that this mollusk is allowed to catch only a few days a year. As for serving, the sea stalk is offered to the restaurant visitor in pickled form: raw clam is kept for 15-20 minutes in lime juice. In addition, the sea stalk can be steamed or grilled.

2. Trippa
This is a dish of Italian cuisine, the main ingredients of which are: beef tripe, pecorino and wild mint. It is difficult for Tripp to cook, because, despite the small amount of ingredients, any mistake leads to the fact that the dish is impossible to eat. Connoisseurs of cooking claim that it is recommended to try this masterpiece of Italian cuisine in its homeland. The taste of trippa is very difficult to forget and quite a few gourmets fall in love with it once and for all.

3. Laverne bread
Despite its name, laurel bread is not a mix of flour, yeast and water. It is made from red algae called porphyry. The main ingredient of laverne bread is cooked for several hours until the seaweed turns into puree. Next, from this gruel form cakes or oblong sausages and bake. Laverne bread is a traditional Wali dish that is served with clams or bacon.

4. Vagyu steak
For those who love meat, a great novelty in gastronomy will be Vagyu steak. This dish appeared thanks to Japanese cooks who offered to taste the meat of Vagyu cows. Those gourmets who have tried steaks from this meat claim that they have never eaten anything more delicious. In principle, this is not surprising, because the meat of Vagyu cows has a delicate taste and amazing aroma. The fact is that animals of this breed are fed with a special feed, which is why the meat turns out very tasty.

5. Cod roe
But this dish is known to people of our country. Cod caviar is sold in stores and anyone can try it. True, we are accustomed to the fact that cod caviar does not amaze anyone with its taste. But in Europe it is treated very carefully. The fact is that Europeans do not eat caviar in its pure form, but prepare various sauces from it, which are served with pasta. Those people who have tried such dishes say that the taste of pasta due to cod roe becomes very refined.

6. Insects
For travelers who visit Asian countries, in dishes where insects are the main ingredient, there is nothing strange. Even if they did not try them, they probably saw them. But those brave souls who decided to try fried grasshoppers or locusts, they say that there is nothing terrible in these culinary masterpieces. If we discard the thought that an insect is terrible, then they may well pass for seeds, especially since the locust and its relatives are very similar to them.

7. Star apples
Homeland apples, with an amazing pattern in the form of stars, is Central America. However, over time, apple trees that bear such amazing fruit began to appear in regions where there is a warm climate. The most interesting thing is that stellate apples are not the fruit of human labor, but created by nature. All those who have tasted fruits with an unusual pattern say that they taste like ordinary apples, but are distinguished by high juiciness and sweetness. Among the apples, these fruits are distinguished by their color and, of course, asterisks.

8. Okra
What is okra, okra, gamba or ladies’ fingers – not everyone knows. In fact, it is a herbaceous plant of elongated shape and green color. Antilles are home to okra, but now it can be found in different countries of our planet. Despite the prevalence, few have tried okra. However, those gourmets who had to taste a dish from this herbaceous plant claim that okra is like a cross between green beans and zucchini. As for the beneficial properties of this fruit, it is great for those who are watching the figure and is a supporter of healthy food, because okra is a storehouse of vitamins and a minimum of calories.

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