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6 best cereals for kids

Choose the first baby food? Kashi – the basis of a full diet for the growth and development of the child. We select the right cereals and help the baby to get all the vitamins and trace elements he needs.
Porridge – one of the main products of high-grade baby food. Do you still think that the usual semolina is the most useful option for a baby? Nutrition experts and pediatricians told about cereals for children, which really should be included in the daily diet.

1. Buckwheat
This is just a record among cereals in the number of nutrients. In buckwheat a lot of useful vegetable protein and vitamins of group B. Such porridge will be useful for the blood and blood vessels of your child. You will not spoil such porridge with oil, but you can easily use milk. The fact is that calcium from milk almost completely neutralizes iron from buckwheat.

2. Oatmeal
It is necessary to cook the usual porridge, rather than the flakes of quick cooking, which are enough to pour boiling water. This option contains easily digestible carbohydrates for the child’s body and almost the entire periodic table of Mendeleev. It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system of babies, therefore it is recommended for children with restless sleep. This porridge improves cerebral circulation and is useful for the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

3. Barley
Despite the unpopularity of this porridge, you should pay attention to it. Many people think that because of its cheapness, it feeds only soldiers and prisoners. But this is a misconception. It has a lot of useful fiber and iron of organic origin. This mess will help the child’s body to resist viruses and charge the baby with energy for a long time. Hypoallergenic porridge contains important substances that the child needs for the growth of strong bones and the formation of joints and ligaments.

4. Millet
Porridge is rich in silicon and phosphorus, which means that it helps the proper development of bones. B vitamins promote brain activity. Amino acids and proteins strengthen muscles and promote healthy growth. A unique composition of vitamins and minerals promotes rapid tissue regeneration and wound healing. A pectin contained in millet, is needed for proper metabolism in the body.

5. Corn
This porridge is not yet quite familiar to us. A guest from America is undeservedly forgotten by doctors and parents. Vitamins of group B6 in its composition regulate the work of the central nervous system and are responsible for the immune functions of the body. Proper plant fiber helps the intestinal tract. The baby will not suffer colic and bloating. Porridge quickly causes a feeling of satiety, which helps children suffering from obesity.

6. Rice
Rice is useful for children in uncleaned form. The fact is that high-grade cereal loses a lot of nutritional properties and vitamins, which are contained in the remote outer part of the grain. Rice porridge is one of the most hypoallergenic. It contains eight essential amino acids for the human body, and microelements in its composition contribute to the proper development of the skin, hair and nails in a young child.

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