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8 unique products for cheerfulness and beauty

A healthy lifestyle has become fashionable. We give up bad habits, drink supplements and smear ourselves with various means to prolong youth. Equally important, what we eat. We represent the sources of positive effects on our body from the inside.
Few people know that the foods we eat every day differ in pH-level of acidity. So, they are acidic, alkaline or neutral. Most of the food is acidic or neutral.

However, there are in nature such unique alkaline products, which literally stimulate the regeneration of body cells, and hence its restoration and rejuvenation. They are able to quickly strengthen the body, restore immune protection with regular consumption. It’s time to get acquainted with this wonderful meal.

1. Overseas annatto
This unusual dish is considered to be a strong natural antioxidant due to its high content of norbixin. The substance does not allow cells to mutate as a result of diseases or bad environmental factors. Annatto not only ensures the health of the cells of the body as a whole, but also has a beneficial effect on its individual parts: bone tissue, eyes, the digestive tract. It has antipyretic effects and enhances tissue regeneration in the wound area.

2. Mini bananas
This kind of fruit has special properties. Of course, full-format fruits are also useful and are, for example, a valuable source of potassium. But we are talking about unique properties. For example, mini-bananas are useful for improving blood composition due to the high content of iron and copper. These substances help the body to actively produce red blood cells.

In addition, it is a complete product for the diet. In addition to taste, it is good low in fat, relatively low in calories and a whole group of vitamins and minerals in its composition.

3. Cantaloupe
The fruit resembles something between a melon and a pumpkin of small size. It is saturated with beta carotene. Also contains a huge amount of substances that help to remove toxins from the body. Cantaloupe helps maintain the immune system in order and include at the right moment its maximum protective properties. The fruit can eat both pulp and seeds. The pulp contains a lot of vitamin B, K and magnesium. And in the seeds a large amount of rare omega 3.

4. Spicy oregano
This magic seasoning is used by many hostesses. Fragrant herb is found in different spices mixes. It has long been used as a remedy for diseases of the respiratory and urinary system. Oregano reduces pain during menstruation, contributes to a better production of white blood cells. It helps our body to cope with a variety of disorders and diseases. Also, with regular use, special compounds in the oregano composition help to avoid intestinal disorders of different origin.

5. Purple plum
Gardeners often grow this plant in their area, without even knowing about its many unique properties. There are many antioxidants in the sink, vitamins E, B, potassium, magnesium, iron, fluorine, zinc, calcium. Fruits help strengthen the immune system. A constant consumption of plums helps to slow the growth of malignant tumors in the body.

6. Sausep
Another exotic in appearance and name of the fruit helps to cleanse the cells of the body. It is best to use it in fresh raw form as a dessert or make juice from it. Such a snack is a powerful complex of antioxidants for your body.

Used in plants and leaves. They are used in traditional and traditional medicine (as part of pharmacological agents) to reduce back pain, as a general tonic. It helps squeeze the plant to cope with acne, acne. Used in the treatment of diabetes.

7. Tef
An unusual product with a short name has a lot of useful properties. Substances in its composition contribute to the creation of new cells in the body, maintain the optimal state of growing cells, and also restore the functioning of old cells. In the exotic cereal there is a nutrient protein of plant origin, a lot of fiber, manganese, as well as iron and potassium.

8. Miraculous Wakame
Will delight those who carefully monitor their weight. An unusual property of this product is to prevent the formation of adipose tissue at the cellular level of the body. This compound is not found in any other product known to man. Wakame also helps muscles relax and regulates the formation of enzymes in the body. It is valued for its high content of iodine, potassium and lignans.

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