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To avoid bad: 8 products that are incompatible with alcohol

So that in the morning the stomach does not hurt, there was no weakness or nausea, during the feast one must not only control the amount of alcohol consumed, but also the foods that are consumed. There are several incompatible tandems causing unpleasant consequences.
Many faced the unpleasant effects of the hangover syndrome, but few know that they can be associated not only with the amount of alcohol consumed, but also with the food that was on the table. Scientists have proven that there are certain foods that are incompatible with alcoholic beverages, so they should be avoided.

1. Spicy snacks
Sticking hot drinks with hot spices is a terrible idea, since such a pair can cause burns to the food and stomach mucosa. In addition, spicy food will accelerate the process of intoxication, and increase the severity of the effects of the feast.

2. Fruits
Most of the fruits in combination with alcohol cause the fermentation process. The most dangerous thing in this regard is the melon, which doctors recommend to eat separately from other foods and drinks, because it has a strong laxative effect. Highlight is grapefruit, which blocks liver enzymes, which are responsible for the splitting of poisons and toxins. It will not give alcohol a long time to split, which can cause alcohol poisoning.

3. Fried meat and smoked meats
A favorite snack of many people – smoked sausage, chops, pork and other similar products, turned out to be poorly combined with alcoholic beverages. Fatty food is an additional and impressive load on the liver, which does not cope well with its tasks, so the time it takes for alcohol to increase and discomfort occurs. In addition, this food makes the stomach and gall bladder work hard.

4. Sweets
In desserts, as in fruits, there is a large amount of sugar, which first begins to process the body, but alcohol will break down much more slowly. If you drink sweet alcohol, then insulin is released into the blood, and fats form a film that does not allow alcohol to be quickly absorbed. As a result, there is a rapid intoxication and a serious hangover. All this is the result of the administration of toxins. Fans of combining alcohol and chocolate should know that such a tandem will overload the pancreas, which can cause severe abdominal pain, spasms and various problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

5. Coffee
Studies have shown that alcohol and coffee do not work well, so it’s better to get rid of the habit of adding brandy and whiskey to an invigorating drink. The fact is that such a drink can cause hypertensive crisis and spasm of cerebral vessels.

6. Marinated products
Traditional snack under vodka – pickled cucumber, it turns out, carries a danger, loading the kidneys and liver. It is all about acetic acid, which is part of marinades, which, in combination with hot spices, burdens the body. Better eat salted cucumbers and sauerkraut.

7. Fresh Tomatoes
Another common product that can be seen on the table during a feast. Experiments have shown that it is poorly combined with alcohol and especially with vodka. It is all a matter of organic acids in tomatoes that cause flatulence and various problems in the digestive system. At the same time, processed tomatoes do not cause such problems.

8. Soda, juice and energy
Many drink alcohol, especially for women, but do not exclude cocktails that mix different ingredients. Juices contain a large amount of sugars, the dangers of which have already been said. As for carbonated beverages, they have carbon dioxide, which irritates the gastric mucosa, increases the rate of absorption of alcohol. As a result, the person quickly gets drunk, and then experiences a severe hangover. The most dangerous is the combination of alcohol and energy, which contains a lot of sugar and caffeine. Such a tandem can cause an increase in pressure and even a heart attack or stroke.

What to eat without consequences?
what to eat without consequences for the body
Since many popular snacks have proven to be harmful, an alternative is needed. The best option is sauerkraut and vegetables, in which a lot of ascorbic acid, because it helps remove alcohol from the body. Put on the table also dishes and salads, which include boiled potatoes, for example, vinaigrette. This vegetable is a good absorbent. As for meat, choose low-fat types that are best to boil or bake.

To avoid bad: 8 products that are incompatible with alcohol
So that in the morning the stomach does not hurt, there was no weakness or nausea, during the feast one must not only control the amount of alcohol consumed, but…


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